WebElf - remote home control

WebElf is an inexpensive and reliable program for remote computer controlling through the Internet.

In spite of its simplicity, the program is able to implement remote computer control easily by using android or any other operating system, the browser is everywhere!

WebElf program includes up to 4 Macros with independent settings. Macros can work with Bat-files, that can automate any actions on your computer.

By buying the program WebElf and having at hand mobile phone or tablet with internet access, you could implement remote computer control from anywhere by using any platform!

Management via mobile phone!
License Functionality Price Payment Service PayPal
Demo Program is working for 30 min. Free Free Free
Type A 1 macros available 18 € Buy Buy
Type B 2 macroses available 24 € Buy Buy
Type C 4 macroses available 29 € Buy Buy

To begin working, please, choose any type of license!

  1. If you are not satisfied with paying through the aggregator, choose another payment mode on [this page]
  2. Pay for WebElf license once and it will be valid for ever!
  3. You'll get all future updates of the software for free!

Please, copy WebElf software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. [Read more] After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.

WebElf workflow

Action Screenshot
1 Download WebElf program to the hard drive of your PC and run the software; Screenshotscreenshot
2 Register WebElf license; Screenshotscreenshot
3 Set Web-access option at the dashboard of WebElf program; Screenshotscreenshot
4 Copy URL of User from WebElf program to your mobile phone; Screenshotscreenshot
5 Choose and set up Macros that you will call via Web-access; Screenshotscreenshot
6 Run Web-server by pressing Start button; Screenshotscreenshot
7 Type into the address bar of your mobile browser URL of User;
8 The program is now active! Manage your Macros via your mobile phone!

Advantages of WebElf


WebElf is not expensive!

WebElf is not expensive. It is cheaper than other home control solutions. It’s performing the necessary functions, the set of which is constantly increasing! You will save your money by buying WebElf!


WebElf is simple and straightforward!

WebElf does not require special knowledge. It is simple and understandable! Installation and interaction with your new home control won’t cause any difficulties! You will save a lot of time by buying WebElf!

WebElf screenshots

Home remote control Home remote control Home remote control

Download WebElf

Name Rar archive Zip archive
Program WebElf v4.2 Download Download
  1. WebElf home control is comfort and well-being of your family!
  2. Install WebElf home control and live comfortably!

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