Terminator - removing information completely

Terminator is the program that helps to erase data on any hard drive of the network quickly, qualitatively and without direct access to computer in case of emergency.

Process of removing information can be activated with the Web command, command within local network, automatically according to events of Windows, user events, timer, etc.

In addition to removing information, the program can provide: shutdown or restart of the computer, automatic cleaning of client computer's drives from temporary files, closing of active processes, computer's escape from the local network, and many more.

It’s easy to delete file effectively!
License Functionality Price Payment Service PayPal
Demo Limited functionality Free Free Free
Type A All program saves 24 € Buy Buy
Type B All program saves + NetWorks 32 € Buy Buy
Type C All program saves + NetWorks + WebServer 39 € Buy Buy

To begin working, please, choose any type of license!

  1. If you are not satisfied with paying through the aggregator, choose another payment mode on [this page]
  2. Pay for Terminator license once and it will be valid for ever!
  3. You'll get all future updates of the software for free!

Please, copy Terminator software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. [Read more] After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.

Terminator workflow

Action Screenshot
1 Download Terminator program to the hard drive of your PC and run the software; Screenshotscreenshot
2 Register Terminator license; Screenshotscreenshot
3 Create information lists - just drag’n’drop the necessary files and folders to Block_A; Screenshotscreenshot
4 Set actions for these lists; Screenshotscreenshot
5 Set events that will call for these actions; Screenshotscreenshot
6 The program is now active! Your information is under your control!

Advantages of Terminator


Does not break the hard drive!

Terminator does not break your hard drive. That's a program for removing information and it deletes software! You don’t have to change the drive after each erase. You will save money!


Can work secretly!

Terminator works secretly. It can be removed from the desktop! No outsider will know about your program for deleting information. This is an additional guarantee of your protection!


Not expensive!

Terminator has a low cost. It is cheaper than other programs that erase data. At the same time, it has a great functionality! No need to overpay for your protection. You will get it quite cheap!


Serves the whole network!

Terminator is savvy. It alone serves your entire local network, whereas other programs that erase data require a paid installation for each protected computer! You will save again and again!

Terminator screenshots

delete file delete file delete file

Download Terminator

Name Rar archive Zip archive
Terminator program v9.0 Download Download
  1. It’s so easy and handy to delete files with this program!
  2. Install Buy Terminator today to make your tomorrow safe!

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