Terminator: It’s easy to delete file effectively!

It’s easy to delete file effectively!

Secure&Comfortable solution!

It’s easy to delete file effectively
Download Terminator
Download Terminator
Terminator program helps to delete file off your hard drive quickly without direct access to your PC.

You can buy the Terminator license for € 39


Buy program Terminator
Pay for Terminator license once and it will be valid for ever!
You'll get all future updates of the software for free!
Please, copy Terminator software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.
It’s easy to delete file effectively
  • You can delete file via radio charm, mobile phone, tablet or using a command in a local network.
  • Terminator is developed not only to delete file, but also to perform shutting down or resetting PC, automatic cleaning out temporary files, shutting down active processes, escaping a local network and so on.
  • Terminator software can be complemented with the Terminator USB device that will provide new options for deleting data.
  • Advantages of Terminator

    Terminator doesn’t break. It uses software!
    Terminator works automatically. It can delete file automatically!
    Terminator doesn’t have to be installed. It switches on in a minute!
    Terminator works in stealth mode. It resembles a convenient modem!
    Terminator doesn’t cost much. It is 2-3 times cheaper than its compatibles!
    Terminator saves your money. The only one is needed for the whole local network!

    This is why Terminator is unique and profitable!

    Terminator system can be controlled via your mobile phone!

    Manage via your phone!

    Prompt and convenient!

    Mobile management of Terminator system will allow you to start or stop data removal from PC situated either at your home or in office.
    It’s easy to delete file effectively

    Always at hand!

    Manage whenever you are!

    Mobile management of Terminator system will allow you to start deleting data not only from one PC, but from all PCs in your local network.

    Advanced deleting files with a device!

    Terminator device
    Terminator device is designed to extend capabilities of Terminator software. Using the Terminator device you can delete file via small radio transmitter or buttons installed in your office.


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  • One one-button radio charm included;

  • 149


    The Terminator device is often bought with:


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  • Optional;

  • 19



  • Power supply included;

  • 49


    Terminator screenshots:

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    It’s so easy and handy to delete files with this device!
    Install Buy Terminator today to make your tomorrow safe!

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