MidNight - new haunted house attraction

The Haunted House!

Scary and amazing!

New haunted house attraction
Download programm MidMight
Download MidMight
MidNight is a horror-style attraction, which will turn your home into a real haunted house! From now on, the ghosts will haunt inhabitants!

You can buy the MidMight license for € 39


Buy program MidNight
Pay for MidMight license once and it will be valid for ever!
You'll get all future updates of the software for free!
Please, copy MidMight software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.
New haunted house attraction
  • New MidNight amusement software can direct 10 ghosts, each of which has its own sound settings.
  • MidNight haunted house attraction can be equipped with a device with which your ghost can not only make sounds, but also perform actions: turn on the water, turn off the light, shake the tube, move furniture and much more.
  • Advantages of MidNight

    New MidNight attraction is an exclusive project. It doesn’t have exact analogues. The whole thing can be set up and configured for you!
    New MidNight haunted house attraction is flexibly configurable. This alone can serve the whole entertainment complex!
    New MidNight attraction has low cost. It’s ten times cheaper than other amusements!
    New MidNight software attraction doesn’t require mounting. That’s just a program!

    All this makes new MidNight haunted house attraction appealing for you!

    MidNight attraction can be controlled via your mobile phone!

    Manage via your phone!

    It’s devilishly convenient!

    Mobile management of MidNight attraction will allow you to start or stop your ride installed at your home. You can be anywhere. Everyone else won’t notice your trick.
    MidNight - new haunted house attraction

    Always at hand!

    Manage you ghosts fast!

    Mobile management of MidNight attraction will allow you to quickly enable or disable an attraction itself, as well as to operate any ghost in required period of time.

    MidNight attraction with hardware!

    Device MidNight
    MidNight device is designed to empower MidNight haunted house attraction. The device can handle any MidNight actuators and sensors of your amusements.


    Retail (€)

    Wholesale (€)


  • 2 low-current inputs;

  • 2 low-current outs;

  • 499


    The MidNight device is often bought with:


    Retail (€)

    Wholesale (€)


  • One radio charm included;

  • 59



  • Optional;

  • 19



  • Power supply included;

  • 49


    MidNight screenshots:

    MidNight - new haunted house attraction MidNight - new haunted house attraction

    Download MidNight:

    Create a new MidNight attraction! Welcome to the world of ghosts...
    New MidNight attraction is your way to success!

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