FControl - the multithreaded file control

FControl Program provides continuous monitoring of files and applications on your PC. In case of changes in controlled files, it will restart/turn off your PC.

FControl allows you to control the size, changes and content of any files, directories, and applications in a timely manner by letting you know about the changes and preventing malfunctions of various programs.

Some programs write errors encountered in their work into logs. Changes in some databases can overflow the drive that leads to system failure. Change of logs may be evidence of someone’s working on your PC in your absence. In all these cases FControl program would be useful.

Quickly and reliably!
License Functionality Price Payment Service PayPal
Demo Program is working for 10 min. Free Free Free
Type A Control 2 items 18 € Buy Buy
Type B Control 4 items 24 € Buy Buy
Type C Control 8 items 29 € Buy Buy

To begin working, please, choose any type of license!

  1. If you are not satisfied with paying through the aggregator, choose another payment mode on [this page]
  2. Pay for FControl license once and it will be valid for ever!
  3. You'll get all future updates of the software for free!

Please, copy FControl software to the specified hard drive and start the registration process. [Read more] After paying, you will receive an registration file via email you have specified, which is simply put in the root directory of the program.

FControl workflow

Action Screenshot
1 Download FControl program to the hard drive of your PC and run the software; Screenshotscreenshot
2 Register FControl license; Screenshotscreenshot
3 Set controlled items at the dashboard of FControl program; Screenshotscreenshot
4 Run file control by pressing Start button; Screenshotscreenshot
5 The program is now active! Your items are under control!

Advantages of FControl


FControl is informative!

FControl will let you always know about changing logs! This is a reliable continuous action file control system! It's safe!


FControl is automated!

FControl will easily take action, if your drive is full! This is a file control that can work in totally independent way! It's modern!


FControl is multithreaded!

FControl simultaneously checks up to 8 different objects! It provides folders, applications, and file control. It's comfortable!


FControl is simple and convenient!

FControl is understandable, uncomplicated tool that is indispensable for battery life! This is an intuitive file control. It's simple!

FControl screenshots

Total file control Total file control Total file control

Download FControl

Name Rar archive Zip archive
Program FControl v2.0 Download Download
Program FControl v2.2 beta Download Download
  1. FControl is a file control up to 8 objects simultaneously!
  2. FControl is an automatic response to changes in software!

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